I'm Karen, a blogger, mother and vintage lover from the North-East of Scotland with a penchant for geekery, nostalgia, movies, cooking, Blythe dolls, fluffy things and all sorts of adventures!

I work as a retail manager, living in rural Angus and loving my fiancé Allan and our gorgeous daughters Sorsha and Willow, and our furry family of guinea pigs, cats and rats!

Tiny Bird Heart was born out of my obsession with writing things down! My brain works a mile a minute and when I panic my heart races like a little bird's and sometimes skips (hence the name), so I note things down to keep me right!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to get in touch!

Disclaimers & Stuff:

Everything on this blog is mine (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be used without permission.

I am a PR friendly blog, which means from time to time I may review or mention products, services or companies which I feel are a good fit. Any posts like this will be clearly marked and all opinions will be my own and honest. I'm no good at lying, ask anyone that knows me!

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