Friday, 8 February 2013

National Doodle Day 2013

Today is National Doodle Day!

"National Doodle Day - drawing a line through epilepsy

National Doodle Day was established back in 2004 to create a unique, fun and fantastically simple fundraising event that everyone could be a part of. 

By simply doing a doodle, thousands of celebrities, schools, companies and individuals have joined together and helped raise over £250,000 for charity!"

I had no idea about it until one of my Twitter followers mentioned it, so I quickly drew a doodle and sent through my donation!

This is me in summer, making my way to my car on a Friday night at 5pm with the sun shining and a smile on my face! (I think the cold weather is getting to me!)

If you want to take part or find out more, visit National Doodle Day. Happy doodling!

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